AX- Driver/Car Entry Guidelines

AX- Driver/Car Entry Guidelines

Postby admin » Mon Mar 02, 2015 10:15 am

AX- Driver/Car Entry Guidelines

This document updates & formalizes the current PCAOCR practice for admitting cars and drivers to AX events.

PCAOCR AX events are held for the benefit of Club members. It is intended that PCAOCR provide Club members with a beneficial experience that maximizes time on the course and minimizes ‘down’ time in the pits and in the grid.

Consistent with this objective, PCAOCR will implement the following guidelines, effective immediately:

(1) The target Driver total for all entries is 100 Drivers

A. This could vary slightly by event for specific circumstances (i.e., Sponsor request; special guests; etc.)

(2) Entries will be limited to PCA members

A. Only exceptions are a very few non-PCA members that have supported the AX program for multiple years (grand-fathered entries).

(3) PCA members will continue to be able to drive non-Porsches subject to the cap

(4) The event cap for non-Porsches is 20 drivers (not cars)

A. Once the maximum 20 is reached, members will be placed on a waiting list

B. Multiple drivers in one non-Porsche counts as multiples against the cap of 20

C. Non-Porsches driven by grand-fathered non-members will count against the cap of 20

D. This total could vary slightly by event for specific circumstances

The Driving Events Team believes these steps should maximize the AX experience for Club members. We expect a few ‘bumps’ getting this in place and welcome your support & feedback. during the transition.

These guidelines are subject to change, as appropriate, based upon event experience.

PCAOCR – Driving Events Team
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Re: AX- Driver/Car Entry Guidelines

Postby Steve S » Mon Mar 02, 2015 5:21 pm

To clarify, from this point forward, no one can drive at AX unless they are a club member or the affiliate designated at the time a club member renews their membership? If my wife or son or friend wants to drive in my car they must be a member or an affiliate?
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Re: AX- Driver/Car Entry Guidelines

Postby toastum » Fri Mar 06, 2015 11:24 pm

I'm ok with less people so everyone can go home early.
My only concern is not having enough workers. I had to work two sections and instructed. That also is not enjoyable. (we had over 120 people) I will always do my part to help club, but we need to make sure we cover our bases and don't stretch out the limited resources too much.
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Re: AX- Driver/Car Entry Guidelines

Postby SSURLY » Sat Mar 07, 2015 7:33 am

Toastum has touched on something important here, something that the new policy fails to take into account. If managed correctly, X class is your corner worker labor force. Think about it. Let 30 X class cars in, 30 drivers. That's 6 corner workers for 5 run groups.

Managed correctly, PCA members would barely have to work.

Less X class cars means PCA members spend MORE time working, not less. You might get some more runs, but it will come at the cost of working more.

I am both a multiple Porsche owner, PCA member, and also an X class member. This is not a very smart policy change. I could care less about one or two extra runs. I do, however, care about spending most of my days running like a maniac picking up cones, being relieved late so that I literally have to run back to my car and get in and run tired instead of being relaxed and well rested.

Whoever thought limiting the X class was going to mean leaving sooner and driving more needs to sit down with a calculator and figure it out. We just pissed away a good labor pool. :roll:
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Re: AX- Driver/Car Entry Guidelines

Postby steve a. » Sat Mar 07, 2015 9:23 am

With less drivers, all we need to do is get rid of one run/work group color.
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Re: AX- Driver/Car Entry Guidelines

Postby inetsi » Sun Mar 08, 2015 8:22 pm

I just find out that the my son registration got cancelled. He had the affiliated PCA member from me and was the first one to registered when the event open. Was it a mistake?
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Re: AX- Driver/Car Entry Guidelines

Postby bpautowerkes » Wed Mar 11, 2015 5:02 pm

As a participant, I'm a newbie, i might have a different perspective than those participating for many years.

The issue I see is two fold:1 - Total number of entrants, especially in the light short months of November, December, January and February; 2 - X class participants numbers causing PCA OCR Porsche Driving members to be excluded from the event.

I'm not sure what the number of X class drivers should be, it would depend on the total number of Porsche Driver's wanting to enter and the total entrants for each event. 20? 30? more? Not sure. It would take analysis of the the data, especially the number of PCA OCR Porsches turned away. I'm assuming that has been looked at by the event team. I'm sure the numbers fluctuate month to month. So having a wait list once a cap is reached makes sense. We want 100 entrants, no matter the class, just not at the expense of members wanting to drive.

Less X class drivers does not necessarily mean less workers. Less entrants means less workers. At 100 entrants ( I'm not counting event team and timers in this number) with 6 run groups, there are 4 groups with 17 workers and 2 groups with 16. What assignments are there for the workforce? Starter, 9 corners, pre grid and grid makes 12. That allows 4-5 workers to double up on the cone busy corners. I do not see an issue with corner workers at 100 entrants.

Why would someone have to do double duty or be left to linger an extraordinary amount of time? If they are an instructor with a first timer they are supposed to go out with the student for a while. If there are entrants that shirk their assignment, this could be a cause, others might get held up a little instructing with their student for a run group.

If all entrants show for their work assignment then it should not be a problem. Those that shirk their assignment, leave early because they are the last work group or don't feel like working as they are just above that sort of thing, that I have an issue with.

I am expecting 12 runs. To get less is not meeting expectations of me and the other entrants. I have not turned down a couple extra runs and I bet no one else would either.
In the light short months of January and February with 110 participants, even with a few glitches costing some time, it can be done between 9am and 4:45pm. It does require everyone to do their assignment and it is incumbent upon the event team organizing the event so it runs efficiently.

It takes a little Chutzpah to step up and start to make changes, I'm sure there has been some input that has precipitated these new guidelines, I'm sure they are meant for the betterment of the PCA membership.
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Re: AX- Driver/Car Entry Guidelines

Postby toastum » Thu Mar 12, 2015 12:48 am

The PCA should always cater to the Porsche Drivers first. It is a Porsche Club.
The Track is now HUGE now and probably needs 12 stations instead of 9.
Slalom always needs 2-3 workers min.
So Steve had a good idea, Eliminate one group. Make groups bigger. We have to work longer shift , but there would be enough people to work.

Now My thought on X drivers is different. They are a huge reason PCAOCR has been so successful. They bring in huge amounts of knowledge, skill and many are very dedicated to the club. Many of the X drivers that race with us are NATIONAL CHAMPIONS (we probably have 5-6 at every event). They are the fastest drivers in the nation and compete locally and Nationally. Many clubs would kill to have the amount of highly talented instructors available to all drivers, at any skill level.
Few other examples of X drivers:
Steve Abbott: SCCA Corvette driver, PCA corvette driver, shows up every month to give everyone (new and old) his knowledge on how to make it around the course as fast as possible.
Palquist: SCCA Miata Driver, Became PCA Porsche driver. He spent many years designing courses for PCA.
Atilla: SCCA BMW driver, Became part PCA organization and also designed amazing tracks.
Myself: BMWCCA, SCCA BMW driver, used to come with my dad who was PCA member and raced a Boxster. I later bought Porsche and became PCA member, PCA instructor, and have been volunteering to help with course design the past couple of years. I am very active with the group.

I could go on for ever naming people...
My point is these X drivers contribute a HUGE amount to the success of PCA and it is in our best interest to accommodate them also in some way. Most of them become PCA members or Porsche drivers themselves and if they don't, they usually contribute more than people know.
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Re: AX- Driver/Car Entry Guidelines

Postby bpautowerkes » Thu Mar 12, 2015 1:46 pm

I Know that there are many X class drivers that have been involved a lot longer than I. I also know that those named in Toastum's post have been involved in the organization and success of the event.

I re read the policy statement, and I believe there is provisions for those people specifically.

I look at it from a PCA Club aspect of serving the membership. So X class or not they should be a member if the event will fill up with members only. But if X class driver's that are not members are preventing a PCA OCR Porsche driver from getting in the event, then that is not right from the perspective of serving the membership.
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Re: AX- Driver/Car Entry Guidelines

Postby toastum » Thu Mar 12, 2015 10:45 pm

Don't you have to provide VIN to become PCA member?
Do they accept non Porsche VIN?

To clarify: I think that the PCA members should come first. I am just saying we should accommodate X drivers in some way because they one of the big reasons we succeed and have done so well.
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